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Why we always recommend a hair toner/gloss!
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Why we always recommend a hair toner/gloss!

Healthy Hair


Amy Wheatley

If you are a new client with us you will notice we always suggest a toner with your service, of course the final decision always lies with you, but toning can be deemed a mystery to most!  One of the most common question in a hair consultation regarding a toner is “what does it actually do?!”.

It's actually the most important part of the colouring process, it can make all the difference to the type of colour you walk out of the salon with. For example; when your hair is lightened/bleached the pigment is taken out. Do you want an icy blonde or a golden blonde? Warm toned balayage or ash toned balayage? The toner is applied after this to achieve the desired tones in the hair. Plus your stylist will use a BESPOKE formula of glosses to achieve the look you want,

Hair toners are not permanent, they can last 6-8 weeks! We will always recommend the correct shampoo/conditioner/treatments for your hair, so you can maintain your desired colour for as long as possible in between appointments. If you wash your hair every day, your toner will fade fast. The longer you leave in between washes will always mean your toner will last a lot longer.

Toners aren’t just for coloured hair, they can be used on uncoloured hair to produce a high quality glaze, think of it as a lip gloss for your hair! We have many clients who don’t colour their hair at all but opt for a “glossing service” alongside a cut. Any service that includes a toner/gloss revitalises and refreshes your hair

Finally, what brand do we use? We are a Redken Partnered Salon, so we use their original iconic demi-permanent liquid gloss….. the Shades Eq Gloss range! The glosses help to enhance hairs natural shine while correcting and revitalising the tone. They add richness depth and dimension.

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